So you've got a massage question that you just don't know how to ask your therapist.  Often times, asking these kinds of questions can feel awkward or uncomfortable, so we've answered a few of the more common ones here.  If you've got a question you think we should add, please contact me.

I've booked a massage for 60 minutes.  Does that mean the therapist works on me for 60 minutes, or I'm in the room for 60 minutes?  Do I get a longer massage if I get undressed quicker?

Every massage office does things their own way, but at Massage Therapy West, as long as you arrive on time, you will receive 60 minutes of the therapist working on you.  Your massage time starts once the therapist begins the massage.  If you arrive late for your appointment, your massage time will be adjusted, and you may not get the full 60 minutes.  While we will make every effort to give you your full treatment, we have to maintain our scheduled times in order to treat all our clients in a timely fashion.

My therapist said I should undress to my comfort level.  What does that mean?  Should I take everything off or does the therapist prefer I leave my underwear on?

We really mean it when we say undress to your comfort level.  This is about you being comfortable.  NY state law dictates that your therapist may not reach under any clothing, and that you must always be draped for warmth, comfort, and modesty.  Some clients want work done on their glutes, and therefore completely undress, while others are just more comfortable with some undergarments left on.

What if I have to use the bathroom in the middle of the massage?

Please tell your therapist if you need a break.  You will be offered a robe, and your therapist will leave the room, so you may get up and use the restroom.  When you are ready, your therapist will resume the massage.

Am I supposed to talk during my massage?  What if I just want to relax and the therapist won't stop talking?

People relax in different ways.  Some prefer to talk during the entire massage, while others want quiet.  It is completely up to you.  Your therapist will ask you about the pressure being used and if you are warm enough, or if a certain area feels tender, but if you do not want to carry on a conversation, you do not have to.  You may be direct with your therapist, saying something like, "I don't like to talk during my massage," or just simply quiet down and your therapist should follow your lead.  Again, this is about you enjoying your massage, and you may do that in silence if you prefer.

I asked for firm pressure, but the therapist is stronger than I thought.  Now I feel bad telling her to lighten up, but I am in pain!

Please tell your therapist if you'd like the pressure adjusted at any time!  While we are practiced at reading muscle tension, we are not mind readers and we really want you to enjoy your massage.  You may ask your therapist at any time to adjust the pressure for any reason.  We don't take it personally, this is about you, not about us.

I am under 18, can I still get a massage?

Yes!  Infant and child massage is a growing field in this industry!  All minors will be required to have a parent or guardian sign a release form, and those under the age of 16 will be required to have a parent or guardian sit in the therapy room during the massage.  Pediatric clients find great relief from the aches and pains of sports, activities, and growth spurts.

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